Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A loving tribute to two beloved dogs

Pippin was 7 years old when we adopted him. I remember he cried the entire 1 1/2 hour trip home from the fosters.
He never really enjoyed riding in the car. 
Pip was a shy, quiet, atypical Brittany. He did not like being outside, had a passing interest in chipmunks and never ever pulled on the leash. 
 To build his confidence we did obedience classses and he went all the way to AKC good citizenship level. 
 At 9 yrs. he developed laryngeal paralysis and after two failed tie backs, we opted for a tracheostomy. He had another 5 1/2 yrs before we lost him to a seizure in March of 2015. I do not think a sweeter dog ever existed.

In June of 2015 , enter Saylor, age 12, and full of Brittany energy, confidence and love. Saylor was home from day one. No adjustment period necessary. He was ours and we were his. I must admit, however, that I am his “MOM”.
 You would never guess his age. He runs around the beach, does his job of pulling on the leash when we walk, and jumps in the air to go for a ride in the car. He loves going for rides. He is the best friend and companion anyone could want. 
 Saylor will be 15 yrs. old in April and, until recently, he has been in the best of health.
A few months ago I noticed a swelling in his jaw. Thinking it was a bad tooth, I went to the vet to have his teeth cleaned and to removed whatever tooth was the problem. 
Unfortunately the swelling is a cancerous mass. We learned this for sure when Saylor had a mouth bleed. 
To remove this thing, Saylor would have to have major surgery to remove his bottom jaw. With his age, a stage 3 heart murmur, and the fact that the tissues would not heal because it is cancer, we are leaving him in peace. At 14 yrs and 10 mos., he wants for nothing. My husband and I, however, want many more years with this smart, funny, ever loving boy.

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