Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rescue in NH

Meet Remington and Lady....both are 12 year old Brittanys rescued from a breeder in New Hampshire.  New England Brittany Rescue along with NBRAN and ABR helped by rescuing 43 dogs.  The dogs have significant teeth problems but are heartworm- and fully vaccinated.  They have lived their lives in outdoor kennels and are not all socialized.  NEBR is asking for your help with fostering.  Lets give these brittanys a warm bed and comfort for their remaining years.


Today is the one year anniversary of the day that Sam arrived in our lives. I remember in vivid detail waiting for him to arrive at a coffee shop parking lot after his two day trip from Arkansas. We were so excited to meet him and to take him to our house to give him a new home. It would not have been possible without all of you. A huge thank you for all that you did for Sam and for us and for all that you do everyday, year after year, on behalf on New England Brittany Rescue. Sam is a very special guy who has adjusted very well to us and his new home. We cannot imagine life without him. I imagine that this October weekend, you are also moving dogs to their new homes and soon to be new owners are sitting in coffee shop parking lots anxiously waiting for their dogs to arrive. It is good and important work that you do......so from all of us.....Catherine, Ian and Sam....our very heartfelt thanks for bringing us together one year ago.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life after Rescue

Willow (top) and Marlo (bottom) were both fosters in my home. 
     Marlo was adopted and returned in the same 3 days and came to stay with us.  He was such a great boy that when he was adopted by his current family it was love at first sight on both fronts!  Marlo and his adoptive mom are inseparable.  He is "just the best dog" and "we love him" are the words that make me smile and know he is in the right spot with the right family.
    Willow was so shy and when she did realize she was safe and we loved her, was the best dog ever. It was so hard to even think of saying goodbye to her....In the sea of brittanys here in the house, she was just one of the girls!  Hopping, jumping, sitting for a treat, etc....She was still uneasy around men but the men in our house...just kept at it and soon she was fine!  When we were contacted by an adoptive family, we tried to tell them she was shy...didn't like men at first....and when they arrived, she hid and it took 2 hours for her to take a treat....but Jeff and Kathy saw the potential in Willow and took her home.  Her foster dad Jeff writes...."Willow is my shadow....she has bonded with me and we are so very happy"....I must confess....tears are in my eyes as I am writing this.
    Two very special dogs touched my heart and have moved on to find their forever homes with folks that will love them just as much as I did while they were here.