Friday, April 12, 2013

Meet Marley Paiva.....Bonnie Paiva (our rescue treasurer) writes.....

The pillow that Marley is lying on was in my laundry basket fresh off the line. I left the basket near the stairs and went away to do something. When I came back, the pillow was gone. Marley dragged it out of the basket, into the living room, and hauled it onto his chair. Nothing is too fine for a Britt! J I had to take the picture. People don’t believe that dogs are that smart (unless they already have a BRITT!).

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This is Heidi whom we adopted on November 8th, 2011.
Beautiful, Intelligent and Full of Life. Since her arrival she has
captured our hearts and minds, and made us much more physically fit.
It's as though she tells us to play with her every second of
everyday. In October 2011 we decided to look into adoption through
the New England Brittany Rescue. We knew the life and intelligence of
these breeds was very special. We came across an eight month old
Brittany named Heidi who had a great background and a love of all dogs
and even cats (not birds though, as they're trained to be hunting
dogs). She was originally from Arkansas where Brittany bird hunting
training was common. We were not exactly sure as of why someone would
give up on her, one possibility is her fear of gunshot noises. But
she has found a better place with us. We immediately fell in love
with her and filed out the adoption papers. Since November 8th 2011,
life could not of been better. Playing tug-of-war, chase, ball fetch,
and frisbee have been daily activities, and when the weather is nice
we take a nice long walk to the park where she meets all types of dogs
and new friends. Not many people know what kind of dog she is. There
are not many around here. She also has a love of swimming and, of
course, chasing birds. One of the greatest events in our lives is
adopting Heidi to give her a better life, and we know she says
everyday to us "Thank You for adopting me".