Sunday, May 17, 2015

Note from an adopter to a foster family.....kleenex alert!

I drove back home from a visit to my daughter in Philly a week ago. Came back via Newburgh and Poughkipsie early on a Sunday morning. As I passed by the Hampton Inn, I smiled as I saw the parking lot where we met you and Buddy.
I thought a lot about your kindness and your care for Buddy. Thank you so much!
The pups got their summer haircuts this week and both were very proud of themselves as they strutted their new look about this little town.
Buddy is heartworm free, as you know. Our walks not include some jogging and the pups are up for that! He's building a bit more endurance and that's great.
Buddy and Lady are just so close. He has a forever home and a true love. I'm so happy for both of them!
That said, he's such a funny funny boy. Those eyes and those facial expressions are amazing. And, he sleeps while sticking out his tongue. What a loveable goof.
All's well here. I hope you, your family, and the amazing bionic dog are all well too.
Here's to a great summer