Saturday, March 14, 2015

It is so very hard to say Good-Bye!

Coming into my home for the first time, his name was documented as Orson, but within an hour we knew his name would be Buddy. My buddy was an incredibly smart dog who was soft footed throughout the house and a gentleman around children and other animals. I remember letting him out in the backyard during the summer. He would crawl into the small pool and lay in the water. He never begged for human food and was the most laid back life loving brittany anyone could ask for.He was a senior dog with a loyal spirit. In November, I received an email from his new mommy stating that he was sick and lethargic that morning and did not want to move regardless what she did to tempt him. Worried, she took him straight to the vet. They did not have good news. They told her that Buddy had a tumor on his spleen and would need emergency surgery. I was afraid when i received the news but I also had faith. His new mother loved him so much and constantly notified me of what was going on every step of the way. I remember asking her if i could visit him after the surgery, if that was ok but i would understand if it wasn't. Buddy's condition was alot worst and the cancer had spread to far. The doctor had said, his tumors were bleeding and it was only a matter of time before it would end his life. By time, he meant days. It was a hard decision to wake him or not, but his mother made the right choice and on November 4th 2014, I awoke with a new message on my phone. Buddy never woke up from surgery.
I will never forget him. Not only was he my first foster, but he was part of my family. I will always have a special place reserved for him in my heart and I will continue to help Brittany dogs with him on my mind.