Monday, December 26, 2016

Saying goodbye


This is the email I dreaded writing.  We sadly let Hampton go yesterday.  We truly can't thank you enough for connecting us with him nine years ago (almost to the day).  We have been blessed to have had him in our family and as you might have expected from this beautiful pooch, up to the end his spirit was full of life and happiness. He shared that with absolutely everyone he met.  He has enriched our lives beyond belief.

I have attached our annual Christmas card as we wrote it as a tribute to him.  We finished it on Tuesday and for Hampton it was another great day from among the 3303 he shared with us.  We went to one of his favorite spots for an hour-long hike. He had spring to his step and spent a ton of time sniffing everything - I believe on pursuit of deer; one of his favorite activities.  On Wednesday morning he woke up and we knew that the end was nearing - one of his back legs was not working.  The side effects of the prednisone had taken it's toll making it really hard for him to breathe. 

So we made the best we could of his last day and a half.  He had many visitors from our family and friends including several of his best dog friends.  He shared a marrow bone with one - even showing his true personality.  He snuck up on his buddy Scout and traded his empty bone stealing the one Scout was working on as that one still had some meat and marrow in it.  He always did that, so it was nice to see.

Yesterday morning I made him a breakfast of filet mignone and eggs over easy.  He loved it and gobbled it up. We took him on a very short walk in the woods then back home.  Out Vet came to the house and Hampton passed on in the comfort of his own home. If you believe in signs from heaven I'll share this one:  as Hampton was relaxing and letting go, the random playlist of soft music we had going started playing Eva Cassidy's rendition of the song "Somewhere over the rainbow."  The timing was just perfect as it let us know that he was passing over the Bridge to meet up with our first Brittany, Axle.  We miss him terribly, but have many happy memories, pictures and videos of him, so that will bring us comfort. In addition to our Christmas card I have attached a couple of photos.  One of him watching me paddle a kayak and the other from the first Brittany Bash we attended.

Thank you again for all you do for the many Brittany's you place in their forever homes.  We are proud to have been one of those homes for one of the best dogs to have walked the face of this earth.



So, we thank all of you for being such a great support to us and for loving Hampton too!  Our holiday wishes for you…May your days ahead be many, may they be filled with good health, wonder and joy and may you be blessed with an infinite amount of happiness and love.

Merry Christmas, 2016!  With love, Russ, Sue and Hampton       pastedGraphic_2.png