Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lifes Mysteries...

Life has so many mysteries. 

Anyone that knew me knew of my Hudson. Hudson lived his life to the fullest… he loved his family, meeting other dogs, his yard, and his car rides especially the ones to New Hampshire. He loved his two recliner chairs, he loved to swim in the lake and the party boat. 
I have so many happy memories with my Hudsy.

 I wish I could tell the person who Hudson lived with before us that he had a great life.
 How old was he?,,,,  His birthday?....What was his family like?.......Did he get himself lost? ..... Did the people love him?.....How long was he on the lam?
It's all a mystery, as it will remain that way.

Who would figure that a stray dog found in Ohio with two other Brittanys was brought to the shelter.  When rescue was called to pick up the three Brittanys one had been reclaimed, one had been adopted (Hudson) and the other was put into foster. A few days later Hudson was returned to the shelter.  The foster mom was called went back to the shelter to pick up and place Hudson in her foster care. What were the odds of him being 777 miles from me to end up in my home?    

God gave me such a special gift of having had Hudson in my life, not many people get to experience the bond and unconditional love we had. Those that have been given this special gift to experience the love of a dog in their journey through life are "Dog People" we have been blessed.


I guess I have to remind myself:   Don't cry because it's over........Smile because it happened.
We will all be together again some day, love you baby boy.
Lorraine Perella