Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meet Rocket Zane Crowley

Let me begin by saying we lost our precious Brittany Kelsey (New England Brittany rescue) to lymphoma in November after loosing our precious Cocker Spaniel (also a rescue) Lou to melanoma the year before. Our hearts were broken. Both dogs were a big part of our hearts and lives. The week after loosing Kelsey I went to the Brittany rescue web page. I saw a dog that reminded me of a combination of Lou and Kelsey. I contacted Christine at New England Brittany rescue, she was great and so helpful! We talked and figured out that particular dog was not a good fit for our family. Christine told me a new Brittany had just arrived from Oklahoma and was on his way to a foster home in Gloucester. She said there was something special about him and boy was she right! We met him the following Monday and it was love at first sight! We took him home with us that evening.
We adopted Rocket in April. The first thing we learned quickly about him is how he got his name. He could run and bolt like a Rocket if he saw an open door! Luckily the neighbors next door have a bunny cage and Rocket stopped by to introduce himself to their rabbits (so nice of him!) and we caught him. Rocket's other great talent was escape artist. He has opened a sliding glass door and dug a hole under our fence to search for us. He once was able to escape from his cage, and greeted us at the door tail wagging when we got home. We had the cage locked down and to this day do not know how he got out as it was still completely locked when we got home. Now that we know Rocket we realize he just did all of these things to try to find us. He wanted to be loved. He doesn't try to bolt anymore and we don't have to cage him when we leave. (We caged him for safety in the beginning because he has severe separation anxiety). We are still working on separation anxiety and his fear of thunder and fireworks but boy is he worth it! I swear at times he is channeling both our Cocker Lou and our Brittany Kesley and it makes us smile. He is a snuggler and so very sweet. 
Thank you Christine and New England Brittany Rescue for bringing this special boy into our lives!   

Saturday, August 16, 2014

In Memory of Maybelle

Maybelle crossed the bridge today....she was a great dog and will be sadly missed by her family.  Thank you Christine and Leland for giving her a great life!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day A'te!

Frank, At'e's adopter writes the following:

Sorry I can't provide a picture, as my camera is broken, but I'll say a few words about A'te which hopefully you can use.  When I first introduced A'te to my home, she seemed to adapt to it immediately.  She seemed entirely comfortable, including being quite ambivalent towards my son's cat.  We warmed up to each other immediately, especially after she discovered my couch, which has become her home base.  She's very low keyed, but has turned out to be the most affectionate dog I've ever had.  She loves to cuddle on the couch, and when I'm in my office, often comes in to visit.  We share a mutual love, and I'm glad she's happy with her forever home.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day Mille!

I adopted Miss Mille, formerly Mahalia, on October 24th, 2013.When I received her she very skittish and a little under weight.  Those days have long gone by.  The over abundance of "cookies" from her grandparents and constant affection have curbed both of those concerns.  

She was my constant companion until six weeks later, when I met my girlfriend, Alison.  Millie joined me on my first date with her, and quickly fell in love like I did.  

Before we knew it, Spring was upon us and the birds had migrated back to Maine.  This is when we learned how much Millie loves to watch the birds, and also those pesky squirrels.  She will sit hours on end at our front window watching these creatures.  Even so, running across the house to seek them out from a new vantage point.

The Summer brought some new activities for Millie.  Such as swimming, or should I say, learning to swim and riding in cars with the windows down.  Nothing like having the wind in your ears!

Over the past year, she has had her first meeting with a toddler, boy!, was that a funny moment.  Never having seen before a smaller human being, she was a little skittish, but very curious.  That one meeting, seems to have curbed her fear of children.  

In that same year she has learned how to sit, lay down, stay, heel, and talk back to us.   She can sense when one of us is ill or just sad and with a lick of the tongue, happiness is brought our way.  We can't imagine our lives without her, and look forward to many more years with our pretty princess, Millie.   

Denis Doucette

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day Marsalis

When Marsalis came to us as a foster dog from LA we did not expect to fall in love with him.  He is much smaller and whiter than your average brittany ...   He was a wild one...   we nick named him the Tasmanian Devil Dog because he loved his new found freedom and enjoyed running and playing and "bouncing off the walls".  A typical Brit but with even more energy. He drove my other two Brits crazy because he never stopped.. and we thought they had energy!  My cat was not so pleased either...   But...   His personality stole the show with his look at me attitude and come play glances...    within a few days we knew he was not going to make it to adoption and that we'd be keeping him.    Now Marsalis fits right in and has become a little brother to the other dogs and the cat even tolerates him!  Although he keeps us on our toes...   we are so glad we decided to adopt Marsalis and could not imagine life without him!

Thank you New England Brittany Rescue for saving this Magnolia Bunch and for brightening our household with such wonderful dogs!  Tim and Leslie Rosewarne  (4x  adopter)