Friday, October 21, 2016


As per the contract I signed on Jack in November 2014, I am writing with great sadness to let you know that our sweet boy was put to sleep this afternoon.  When we adopted him we discovered that he had a greatly enlarged spleen.  Our vet thought that Jack would not be with us long; in fact she called it "doggie hospice."  We were lucky enough to have him for almost two years, and except for a short period of time when he turned into "naughty dog" on prednisone, he was a delightfully sweet dog.  He took a shine to my husband, who has retired so he is home all day, who reciprocated Jack's devotion.  He slept with us until recently when he was too uncomfortable to stay in one place.  He enjoyed roaming our yard, and although he never mastered leash etiquette, he liked going on short walks.  Our other dog taught Jack to bark at things, with his deep throated barks accompanying the higher pitched barks of Rosie.  What a pair they were!

I have included a picture of Jack that was taken about a month ago.  We will miss him terribly.  I just hope he knew how much we loved him and how glad we were to include him in our family.

Sincerely, but sadly,