Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our NEBR rescue Butterscotch was the light of our lives. When she passed suddenly of a rare spinal stroke, I knew there would never be another dog like her. She was the town "mayor", well loved by all and always anxious to share her love of life and her joy.

Christine at NEBR contacted me and wrote that she knew we were not ready to adopt another dog, BUT, there was a dog in foster I really needed to meet. She emailed the dog's photo, and I was a goner.

I went over to meet Cody, who greeted me by climbing up on his Brittany foster sibling to give me a kiss. That was all I needed to see, and my husband and I adopted Cody.

Despite his initial greeting, Cody was a very fearful dog who vomited with fear everytime he was in a new situation. He initially needed a lot of space, and did not seek out much interaction. It was a tremendous adjustment after living with a dog who lived for intimacy and physical contact.

Fast forward to two years later. Cody channels Butterscotch's spirit, and is a joyful and playful boy. He loves to snuggle, and insists on goodnight and good morning play time. He is the only dog I have ever had who I trust 100% off leash when hiking; he never leaves our side.

Cody even got to meet Governor Hassan during NH PetSave week, although he feel asleep during her speech. There will never be another Cody and we are so thankful to NEBR for bringing this amazing little dog into our lives. We could not have adopted a better dog.

Anita Burroughs